There are over 5.9 million pet dogs in Canada. Yes, we sure love our pets. But for busy people who work, your pet may not be getting the exercise and stimulation he or she needs.

Why hire a dog walker? Read on for 7 reasons why you should.

1. You Work Long Hours

One of the best reasons to invest in dog walking services is if you work long hours. Or if you have a long commute and spend nine or more hours a day out of the home.

While the day may go by quickly for you as you work on problems at work, deal with customers and have meetings, your dog is bored and lonely at home.

A dog walker can break up the long day for your furry friend. He or she can take your dog out to relieve himself as well as enjoy the outdoors.

Ideally, the dog walker would come halfway through the day so that your dog isn’t spending many hours all alone.

2. Ensure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

There’s no such thing as too much exercise for your dog. In fact, active breeds need 30-60 minutes of exercise each day. Obviously, a walk to the mailbox isn’t going to cut it for your canine.

Exercise is the only way to keep your dog in top shape, both mentally and physically. By the end of your exercise session with your pet, he or she should be moving much slower than when you started. That’s the goal!

Then, your pet won’t have excess energy to burn and will enjoy cuddling with you when you get home.

If you have work and family obligations, looking for a dog walker is the best thing you can do for your dog. That way, if you are exhausted after a long day, you won’t feel obligated to run your dog to the park the moment you get home.

If your pup has been for a long, brisk walk or run, then you can just play indoors or in the backyard with your dog in the evenings.

3. Improve Your Pet’s Health

Did you know that 50-60% of dogs are obese in Canada? While you may think your tubby dog looks cute, extra pounds puts your dog at risk for a wide range of health problems including heart disease.

The biggest factor in obesity in pets is lack of exercise. To keep your dog healthy, it is ideal if you can give your pet three or more 20-minute walks a day.

If you work outside the home, chances are you may be able to handle the morning and evening walk. But you will need dog walking services to help you with the mid-day one.

Dog walkers typically offer one or two hour-long walks for your pet. That means your pup gets all the exercise he needs in one go!

As your dog gets older, going for walks helps them keep their muscles strong and their joints flexible. This reduces your canine’s risk of getting arthritis.

4. Reduce Behavioural Issues

Have you come home to find your throw cushions in tatters or your shoes or books destroyed?

Your dog isn’t vindictive or bad – he is just bored.

When dogs don’t get enough stimulation they become bored and restless. This leads to problem behaviour such as chewing your baseboards or barking non-stop.

Basically, a tired dog is a good dog. Regular walks result in a calm dog when she is at home.

5. Potty Relief

Can you imagine what it would be like trying to hold a full bladder for over eight hours a day?

It would be painful, uncomfortable and ultimately impossible. Dogs are better than humans at holding it, but still, there’s only so much they can do.

When you do a Google search for ‘dog walkers near me,’ you will find that it is easy to find someone to let your dog out to do her business.

Your dog will thank you for not making him hold it all day long. Plus, you won’t come home to a smelly surprise after work.

6. A Change of Scent

Dogs “see” with their nose. While our primary sense is vision, dogs have an acute sense of smell.

Dogs smell things to learn about the world around them. A dog walker gives your pup an extra chance to stimulate his or her senses.

He can see, hear, feel and most importantly, smell all kinds of interesting things. This promotes mental stimulation, keeps their noses sharp, and generally keeps them happy and content.

Dogs can detect the gender, mood, and health of other dogs from their urine. So when they stop at a tree to have a sniff, they are actually doing important research.

The more they go out to have a sniff, the better they can discover the world around them. This keeps their brains and nose in tip-top condition.

7. More Socialization for your Furry Friend

The final reason why it’s wise to hire a dog walker is for the socialization.

Yes, your doggy loves you to pieces. But it’s also good for your pet to interact with other people and dogs. Even from puppyhood.

Socialization is vital to having a well-behaved dog that everyone wants to be around. A dog walker may have other dogs with him or her which gives your pooch a chance to hang out with other furry pals.

So, Why Hire a Dog Walker? Because you Love your Dog

Remember, meeting someone new or having a chat with a colleague is no big deal for us, but for your dog, it may be the highlight of the day.

Spending time with another human, having a chance to explore the outdoors and getting some much-needed exercise is part of pet ownership.

So why hire a dog walker? Because it’s the best thing you can do for your pet.

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