Or, “A tired dog is a happy dog!”

Just like for us humans, regular exercise is a big component of good health for dogs. And many dog owners wonder how much is enough to keep their canine companion in the best possible shape.

Though the answer may vary depending on the dog, it’s generally observed that tired dogs (that is, those that get regular vigorous exercise) are happy dogs! They tend to be fit, stimulated and relaxed from their “workouts.”

Exercise for Puppies

While puppies may sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day, their waking hours are often filled with bursts of energy. Long periods of exercise may be taxing on their developing bodies though, so several short walks a day can give them the activity that they need.

Though puppies may be too young to go out on regular walks, a professional dog walker can provide puppy visitation each day while owners are at work. A short walk and some vigorous play, as well as a trip outdoors for a potty break (essential to avoid accidents and reinforce housebreaking habits!) lets your puppy burn off her energy ahead of her next nap!

Regular exercise and exposure to new environments is also an important part of puppy socialization – your professional dog walker can be your partner in meeting that goal!

Exercise for Adult Dogs

The right amount of exercise for a grown dog is generally thought to be between 30 minutes and 2 hours a day. High energy breeds such as the Border Collie or the Siberian Husky, which have been bred for lots of activity, need lots of intense activity to keep them stimulated and healthy; regular runs each day are essential for them!

Small or toy dog breeds, such as the Pekingese or the Maltese, which have been bred mainly as companion animals, have lower exercise needs but still require a good amount of activity to keep their weight at a healthy level. They also benefit from the socialization with other dogs that comes from being out with a pack!

Exercise for Older Dogs

Though they may not run as far or as fast as in their younger days, senior dogs still enjoy and benefit from regular activity! Exercise keeps your senior dog’s muscles and joints limber and helps to avoid obesity; it also offers mental stimulation and reinforces good social behaviours.

Dog running in the park

Happy and Healthy

Regular exercise is a must for keeping our dogs happy and healthy. We all know how great we feel after a good workout and our dogs feel that way as well. One of the best parts of my job as a professional dog walker is seeing how excited my dogs get when I pick them up for their walks. I know they are looking forward to running, playing, and having a good workout with me and with their doggy pals!