Looking for an Etobicoke off leash dog park?

Most dog owners love to see our pets running and enjoying themselves and getting good exercise. We love taking our dogs to the park but not every local park is well suited for dogs and their humans. Fortunately, there are several off-leash dog parks in Etobicoke. These fenced dog parks allow leash-free access to open spaces for dogs to run and play; some dog parks even have access to water, which is a great choice if your dog loves to swim!  Let’s look at some of the many Etobicoke off leash dog parks available to enjoy!

Humber Bay Park West

2225 Lake Shore Blvd West, near the intersection of Lake Shore Blvd & Legion Road

Located in a narrow strip of land jutting out into Lake Ontario, Humber Bay Park West has a great fenced dog park that is right at the water’s edge. Easily accessible from the 501 streetcar route, there’s also ample parking inside the park and plenty of paths for walking around.  The views of the downtown are spectacular and it’s a great place to watch the sunset over the lake. The off-leash area has lots of trees that provide excellent shade for dogs and owners. Water access is just outside of the dog park so technically not within the off-leash area. If your dog loves to swim, make sure he has excellent recall before letting him free. Otherwise, keep him on leash and wade in with him!

Sir Casimir Gzowski Park

2001 Lake Shore Blvd West, near the intersection of Lake Shore Blvd & Windermere Avenue

Close to the waterfront, but without direct water access, the off-leash dog park at Sir Casimir Gzowski Park offers plenty of shade trees for cooling on hot days. The fenced dog park section has a sandy surface, so dogs stay cleaner on damp days (sand brushes right off of them!). The off-leash park is located right by the waterfront so after some fun in the dog park, you and your dog can take a long walk on the boardwalk or head right down to the lake. This park is also easily accessible by car and paid parking is located close to the off-leash area.

High Park

1873 Bloor Street West, near the intersection of Bloor Street West & High Park Avenue

The biggest and busiest dog park in Etobicoke, inside one of the city’s biggest and best-known parks, this off-leash dog park offers well-shaded hiking trails that provide great exercise for dogs and humans. Plenty of space for dogs to run and either socialize with other dogs or wander off with their human companion for a good long off-leash walk. Drinking water access for the dogs is available right in the park. In addition to the off-leash area, High Park offers lots of things to see and do (walking trails, restaurants, playgrounds and the High Park Zoo, to name just a few) and is easily accessible by car, by the 501 streetcar, or by subway.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park

3145 Lake Shore Blvd West, near the intersection of Lake Shore Blvd & Kipling Avenue

While the off-leash area in Colonel Samuel Smith Park is a smaller one, the amazing location surrounding it more than makes up for the limited area. After enjoying running free in the fenced area, your dog can take you for a long walk along the trails in this naturalized park. Jutting out into Lake Ontario, Colonel Samuel Smith Park is home to many species of native plants, birds and wildlife – bring your binoculars for bird-watching! This park is easily reached by car or TTC: the 501 streetcar and the 44 Kipling South bus both stop there.

Marie Curtis Park

2 Forty Second Street, near the intersection of Lake Shore Blvd West & Forty Second Street

This long narrow off-leash park, located on the west side of Etobicoke Creek provides lots of space for dogs to run, play and socialize with other dogs. A sunny, sandy field with plenty of room for walking around, Marie Curtis Park is the westernmost dog park in Etobicoke. There’s parking right outside the entrance to the off-leash area and it’s a short walk from the Long Branch Loop, where TTC and Mississauga Transit systems converge.

Don Russell Memorial Park

290 Birmingham Street, near the intersection of Birmingham Street and Kipling Avenue

Located near the iconic Etobicoke water tower, around the corner from Gus Ryder Pool and Health Club and a short walk from Lakeshore Collegiate Institute, the off-leash area in this popular, residential park is unfenced, so make sure your dog’s recall is reliable before letting her free here! A children’s playground, running track, sports field and ball diamond make this park a hub for all of the family’s activities. Dogs, kids and parents can all have fun and get their exercise at this location!

King’s Mill Park

1 Humber Valley Road, behind the Old Mill Subway Station

Dog owners in the Kingway area have a great nearby off-leash park at King’s Mill. Plenty of trails wind through this park along the Humber River so off-leash fun can be enjoyed after a long trail walk. This park is also a haven for bird-watchers. The park is one in a chain of parks that shoulder the Humber River; ambitious walkers can make it all the way down to Lake Ontario!

What are the rules for Toronto’s off leash dog parks

Remember that all City of Toronto (which includes Etobicoke) dog parks have Codes of Conduct that owners and dogs must observe!

  • Dog owners must follow all signs and respect all boundaries.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times (except when in the dogs off-leash area).
  • All dogs must have a visible municipal license tag.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated.
  • Dogs must not trample or endanger plant material and other park resources.
  • Dogs must not chase wildlife.
  • Pick up after your dog and throw it out in a disposal bin.
  • Keep dogs in sight and under control at all times.
  • Don’t leave dogs unattended in the off-leash area.
  • Repair holes dug by the dogs under your control.
  • Female dogs in heat, dangerous dogs or dogs that have been issued a muzzle order by the Executive Director of Municipal Licensing and Standards are not permitted in off-leash parks.

There’s an Etobicoke based off-leash dog park for every dog to enjoy! Visit them all to find the ones that suit you and your dog the best.

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